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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom || HDR Tutorial.

HDR means High Dynamic Range. Human eye captures more details both in highlights and shadows which a sensor of any camera cannot do. In order to replicate the effect of human eye we create the image called HDR.

HDR generally is the mixture or 3, 5 or 7 images shot with the same composition but each with the different exposures.

Many Digital cameras have in built HDR option while others also have the option for auto bracketing.

3 image HDR is a slandered one as it contains three images one under exposed one over and one properly exposed image.

How to click 3 images in different exposures?

  1. Go through your camera manual and search the term auto bracketing.

HDR tutorial

2. Now turn AEB (auto exposure bracketing) on at up to three exposure reading.

3. Keep your camera at continues shooting mode.

Photoshop Lightroom || HDR

4. Click three images continuously.


How to edit HDR in Photoshop Lightroom?

1.  Open lightroom

2. Open the images captured on different exposures.

3. Select all images.

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