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How to Become a National Geographic Photographer ?

A National Geographic photographer is a dream of every third photographer because it’s a platform which allows you to test yourself at extreme levels. Working for National Geographic is one of its kind of job you will get to explore a lot of things you will travel a lot, You will see the world from a different eye and your way of thinking will automatically changes when you start working with the pros of industry.  But it is not that easy you are competing with the world class photographers and filmmakers its not just about photography it’s about how you build up yourself as in character. How disciplined you are how frequently you shoot, rather how effectively you take a photograph all those things matter. It is not the place where you start your career you always have some new challenges in between. That’s why it is said that “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter”.

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So how do one become a National Geographic Photographer?

What National Geographic says?

“We are often asked by aspiring photojournalists for advice about entering this highly competitive field.

National Geographic photographers have college degrees in a variety of disciplines. Most did not major in photography, but all took photo courses. The most common majors have been journalism, anthropology, sociology or psychology, fine arts, and sciences. Our editors and photographers agree that it is important to complete a degree in a discipline other than photography. Freelancers usually come to us with at least five years of photojournalism experience or with specializations such as wildlife, underwater, nature, or aerial photography. We seek balance and an eclectic blend of interests, abilities, and photographic styles in the freelancers we hire”.



Experience required to be a National Geographic Photographer.

You must have been an experience of 5 years in Photojournalism or have been employed as a wildlife, underwater or aerial photographer. You can gain some inspiration by becoming a member of Your Shot

By National Geographic.

How to apply?

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