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How to Hold A Camera?

How to Hold A Camera?

So you bought your latest DSLR recently and you are out there for shooting you know how to operate it but still your images are blurry. The blurriness in the image Is due to two factors.

Number 1:- You are moving your camera while taking the image

Number 2:- Your subject is moving and you don’t have enough shutter speed to freeze its motion.

You may don’t know what shutter speed is not to worry,


Read that article than come to this.. Ok now you know about the shutter speed so only one factor which is to be fixed is your camera shake.

So here are some of the coolest ways you learn to hold your camera right in order to avoid the camera shake.

No 1 :- Tuck Elbow Hold..

In this method you take your elbows to closer to each other and your body as well and watch through the viewfinder in order to capture the image.

Source :
Source :

With this method you get way more stability than you shoot with live view mode on and your elbows running far from your body.

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