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Learn How to shoot Light Trials | Get Out of The Auto Mode

Learn How to shoot Light Trials | Get Out of The Auto Mode

Light trial is a technique of long exposure photography in which photographer captures the movement of the light. You ever wondered how shots like this has been photographed ?



how-to-shoot-light-trialLight trial is also known as light painting and it is one of the best way to get out of the auto mode if you are still stuck at it.

Shooting Light trial is fun and you get really excited cos you don’t know what the outcome will be. Without getting into the conversation let us learn how to shoot light trial you can also watch the video by Canon Australia  to learn about the light trial.

How to shoot a Light Trial ?

First of all you need to find out the location where you are going to do your light trial choose a busy road for better result. And stay safe by the side. Set your camera on a tripod because you don’t want any camera shake into the pictures. Turn the camera dial to M (Learn to shoot in manual mode)from auto. For shooting light painting you need a longer exposure time of 1/30sec this will allow you to capture the movement of the cars if your shutter speed is higher than you may end up with freezing movment of the cars. Keep your ISO 100 for lesser noise into the photographs. Learn more about ISO here.

For a descent image quality your aperture should be between f/18 – f/22, So that everything comes in focus. Use cable Release or built in timer so that you do not touch the camera which will reduce the chances of camera shake.
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