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Olympic Photographer Got a New Buddy

Rio Olympics are going and everyone is cheering their country. There are lots of events happening  and you are able to view them with amazing prespective with the help of those great photographers giving their duty in the game. But when it comes to the pool events or under water event. No photographer wants to get wet and shoot the athletes going under water well technology makes them easy to get the perfect shot.  2016-04-07t053329z_1_lynxnpec3606l_rtroptp_3_sport-games-800

Image From : – SportsKeeda

Bello revealed to CNN that how he is able to got some amzing shots underwater even not touching the water at all during the event. Getty images are using remote control robots in which cameras are being placed and sitting outside with a remote control photographer can track the athlete and click the best picture he/she wants.

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