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Parrot DISCO |Specs, Images and Release Date.

Aerial Photography! When you think of the term first thing came to your mind in terms of gear is a drone. Dji Phantom 3 and 4 are ruling as gears used for aerial photography but here is a new buddy in the market.

Parrot DISCO

What it is and Specifications?

Parrot drones are new technology based drones which gives you a better real-time view from the virtual reality gear along with it. Now you can watch the live streaming of your drone with a more dramatic way.

The Camera is1080p Full HD but the at real time will be      360p/720p. It has a removable battery of 2700 mAh / 25A which is a 3 cells lipo battery. Its Battery life is 45 min.

Image Source :- Parrot DISCO
Image Source :- Parrot DISCO



Lets talk about performance , It has a 1280kv motor and a servomotor of 5V  it weighs 750gr | 26oz.

Parrot DISCO has a built-in GPS,GPS + GLONASS.It works on Linux & open source SDK for App development. Its size is 1150 mm x 580mm x 120 mm and a wingspan of 1150 mm.

There are many sensors in Parrot DISCO and they are Ultrasound, Altimeter, Optical flow camera, Airspeed sensor (Pitot tube)

The inertial navigation system contains 3 axis gyroscope , 3 axis accelerometer and 3-axes magnetometer.

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