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What is PhotographyThink different

What is Photography ? Think Different

What is Photography?

In technical terms it is defined as painting with light or the art of playing with lights or the study of light. It may differ to everyone depends how one sees it. You have read many things on the internet but reading this article may change your view of photography.

For some photography is a way of earning and to some it is the way of expressing their feelings, for some it is a job and for some it is a passion.

There are tons of photographers in this new era due to the easy technology everybody carries a camera with them and everybody sees themselves as photographer but in actual terms the photographer is the one who knows how to expose the image how to compose the image, a photographer is very familiar with his/her camera and dedicated to his/her work.

Many of the youngster thinks that it’s all about the expensive cameras and those big mouth lenses that’s what makes the photography an expensive hobby as well. But if it’s about the camera only then all the riches in this world would be photographers.

It’s actually not, to understand it let us read a short incident.

Once a famous chef named john who called a very famous photographer to his hotel for a dinner the chef warmly welcome the photographer and quoted “ your photographs are amazing you must have a very nice expensive camera “

To this the photographer smiles and get into the hotel after the dinner when the photographer thanks the chef for a wonderful dinner and told him your dishes were awesome you must have an expensive oven the chef understood now that it’s not about the camera or the oven its actually about the person who is making that photograph or the dish.

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