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How Usain Bolt was Photographed by Cameron Spencer into the Olympics Semi Final

Cameron Spencer is the man behind the smiling Bolt photograph, which went viral onto the internet and known as one of the best moments captured in Rio.

Spencer was covering another field event and then he decided capture the Jamaican sprinter’s semi-final.

“Fortunately Bolt was running in the second semi and I decided to shoot a slow pan shot of him running past,” he told ABC 

“I stopped on the 70 metre line and waited for him to come by; no-one expected him to slow down and give a big smile to my direction.

“I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to get a nice shot of him in action and it wasn’t until I looked at the back of my camera when I realised he was smiling.

“As a photographer you want to try and do something different and I took the punt and it worked out.”

‘I was lucky the result was what it was’

“I think he was smiling at the other guys in the race but it happened to be in my direction,” he said.

“The cheeky grin is such a reflection of his personality as he’s such a larger-than-life character and an entertainer who loves to show off to the crowd.”

Getty Images had so many photographers to cover the race, due to which spencer was free to shoot the slower image.

“The chief photo manager told me there was 600 photographers at the 100 metres that evening; there were many lenses pointing at him,” he said.



Cameron Spencer 


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