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How to become a wildlife photographer in India 2021(4 Tips)

How to become a wildlife photographer in India 2021(4 Tips) Just like any other genre of Photography,Wildlife Photography is a highly attracted genre because of one’s love for nature. Wildlife Photography requires serious practises and knowledge and I am going to share some of the tips that might help you become a wildlife photographer. So

Top 5 Best Flash for Beginner Photographers in 2021

5 Best Flashguns for Beginner Photographers in 2021 If you are already into photography for a while you may know the importance of off camera flashes.The reasons you cannot achieve better results with popup flash are : The flash power is low,The flash only fires in a single direction,The flash cannot be used for far

5 Amazing books every photographer should read in 2021

Books make you better. Books enhance your knowledge. They have the power to take you to the other world through your imagination. In this modern internet world, I am a big fan of reading physical books. The reason is simple: I get to learn so many new things. They change my perspective, my way of

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