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Nishkam Bhatia

Nishkam Bhatia

Best Deals for Photographers on Amazon February 2021

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Best Deals for PhotographersBest Deals for Photographers on Amazon February 2021 on Amazon Great Indian Festival

Best Deals for Photographers on Amazon February 2021

This is the festive time and this is the time of best deals for photographers. Amazon is coming up with the Great Indian Festival Sale from 17 October 2020, and we as photographers can get the most out of it if we know what is required to upgrade instead of buying unnecessary options.

If you want to take all the deals early you can join Prime for 129/month which includes some extra perks.

Best Deals for Photographers on Amazon February 2021

So I will be categorizing everything from cameras to accessories that you can look for in the sale if you are thinking of upgrading your gear…

I personally will be upgrading my lighting setup for the Youtube video so why not we start the list with.

Godox Sl60W

Best Deals for Photographers on Amazon February 2021
Godox SL60W

Now if you have seen a lot of big YouTubers like Peter Mckinnon than you are familiar with the kind of light he uses. It is the Aputure 120d but the price of that light is really on the higher side.

So Godox came up with this exact twin of that Aputure 120d or you can say the upgraded twin. It has a CRI of 90-92 and this is white daylight temperature light with really bright output.

The best part is it is 5 times cheaper than the Aputure 120d. So why not consider buying this.

On this list we have next are the strobes

Simpex 300d Dual kit

Best Deals for Photographers on Amazon February 2021
Simpex 300d Duo Light

If you are planning to set up your studio this year in a budget these are the strobes for you.

It has a modeling bulb that helps you focus and also tells you exactly where the light is falling also it has a recycle time of around 0.2 seconds.

Considered best for all kinds of studio photography because it is power operated and not battery operated.

Memory Cards

Best Deals for Photographers on Amazon February 2021

One reason I love the Great Indian festival is because I can shop all the small accessories at cheaper prices and memory cards are one of them.

You never know when you ran out of memory on a shoot so this time I will be buying 2 64 gb cards. I am Sandisk fan you can buy whichever you like.

Godox TT520

Best Deals for Photographers on Amazon February 2021
Godox Flash

This is a manual flash and this one is universal which means you can use it with any cameras. But still do check on the Godox site if this works with your model or not. Best part you have control of the light. 

Godox also creates highspeed flashes which means if you want to cut out the ambient light outside you have to use high shutter speed and in low sync speed flashes you cannot go beyond  1/250 generally but using the highspeed flashlight you can actually create the lowkey photography effect event outside.

Best Deals for Photographers on Amazon February 2021
Mag Mod

You might know that mag mods are famous modifiers among photographers who use flash

Because they are easy to carry and easy to apply on the flash with it comes with several types of light shaping tools.

But if you don’t want to invest in mag mod there is a cheaper option available.

Digitek Professional Flash Kit

Best Deals for Photographers on Amazon February 2021
Digitek Professional Kit

If you are thinking of buying the flash consider buying this as well. It has the capability of creating results as good as the mag mods but at a cheaper price. Also easy to use these mods comes with magnets which can be easily applicable on the bracket.

Looking for some Camera deals below Rs 40,000 Check this out…

But the product I am interested in this year will be 

Smartphone Lenses

Best Deals for Photographers on Amazon February 2021

I might go for SKYVIK mobile lenses may be if they are on sale why you ask ? because why not.I know they are little expansive but you get what you pay for and my personal favourite is the Wide+Macro clip on lens you can use with it any smartphone.

I have a Samsung m30s and I have seen the performance of this lens on social media and it’s pretty good. If you are a smartphone photographer and love macro photography you should give it a try.I mean try at least you can always give it back within 10 days if you didn’t like the product.

Sony Digital Vlog Camera ZV 1

Best Deals for Photographers on Amazon February 2021
Sony Camera

The best vlogging camera? That’s what the company says about this product. If you are a travel photographer or street photographer who loves to shoot videos or love to document their lifestyle this can be a good choice for you.

This beast can record up to 4k with natural skin colors and also a super slow-motion video at 960 fps. If I ever planned to switch to vlogging, this is the camera I will be looking for.

Go Pro Hero 9

Best Deals for Photographers on Amazon February 2021

This is going to be the limelight of the Deals Day. It can shoot up to 5k It has a dual-screen display that comes with 240 fps slow motion and the best part is you can stream with this bad boy. What else do you expect from an action camera?

Is your laptop screen calibrated?

You should consider buying a separate monitor if you have something to do with product retouching or portraits retouching because most of the laptop screens are not color calibrated according to the industry standards.

Best Deals for Photographers on Amazon February 2021
LG Color Calibrated Monitor

Recently I upgraded from my laptop screen to an LG monitor which is a big deal for me it’s like I have been living a life of color-blind for the whole time.

You can get huge discounts during the festive season deals day and if you are thinking of upgrading for a long time this is the right time because now you can also get the no-cost EMI on many products even on debit cards as well.

If you are looking for some accessories that photographer should have Check out this article.

Upgrading new lenses?

Best Deals for Photographers on Amazon February 2021

You want to upgrade to a new lens but confused about which one to choose from?

Amazon has a video of lens buying guide which would be easier for you to choose the kind of lens you may require for your next big project.

Smartphone for photography under 20,000

If you are planning to gift something to a photographer watch this video.

I will be going with a studio light a boom stand for reflector and some 

Computer accessories this year. Have you planned anything?

Thank you for reading this article I guess I have covered the most common items you can go and buy at the Great Indian Festival Sale.

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