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Nishkam Bhatia

Double Exposure Editing in Photoshop || The Easiest Way

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Double Exposure Video

Hi everyone, Here is my next video on Double Exposure Editing in simplest possible way.

For Double Exposure Editing What you need?

  1. PC/Laptop
  2. Photoshop
  3. And two images

Pro Tip :- If you know the selection that’s cool but if you don’t know how to make selection then you can take png images from and Start edit your photos.

Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1 :- Open both the images in Photoshop
Step 2 :- On first image select the subject with any tool
I have used magic wand because my background is in white color. And magic wand is really helpful in selecting same color tones.
Step 3 :- Press Ctrl + Shift + I to inverse the selection
Step 4 :- Press Ctrl + J to duplicate the selection on a new layer.
Step 5 :- Now Go to the adjustment layers icon and select solid color and choose white as a background color.

Why we did this? because we need subject on a different background.

Step 6 :- Now Take the second image into the document click on our subject image go to select and Load selections. Our subject would be selected.
Step 7 :- Now press camera icon on bottom (Layer mask button)
and follow the video.

Step 8 :- Now press and hold alt key and drag the layer mask to top layer.
Step 9 :- Duplicate the first layer and place it above the mountain layer.

Step 10 :- Right click on layer mask of duplicate layer and delete the layer mask.
Step 11 :- Go to Layer Style and select scree.
Step 12 :- Now select brush and blend the mask of mountain layer till everything looks fine as shown in the video.

Step 13 :- Select adjustment layers and Gradient. Select your favorite one and play with the settings. Now on gradient layer select blending option as Screen. Your double exposure is ready.

So Practise double exposure editing in your Photoshop and Send us your images at [email protected].

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