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Is Skillshare Worth It? 10+ Top Photography Classes On Skillshare

Skillshare was founded in 2010 is now one of the largest learning platforms for artists I would say. If you want to upskill or learn a new skill, Skillshare is the one you should look forward to. With 10000+ Classes and more than 20m+ Students, you can learn anything from Photography to graphic designing. If you are someone who wants to learn photography or improve your photography Skillshare is totally worth it for you. As a beginner, you don’t have any Idea what to learn first and what to learn next.

With the help of skillshare classes, you will get all the information packaged in one place. I used to be a big fan of Youtube for learning. Not that I don’t like youtube anymore but with the increasing competition people want to create short content and want their videos to rank on the top. Due to which the information is not shared properly.

But with Skillshare this is not the case. Teachers give their best to teach so that they can get good reviews from the students and their class can get on the top. But Is Skillshare Worth It ?

Let’s find out with an honest video I created after using Skillshare for 3 months.

Is Skillshare Really Worth It?

Top 10 Photography Classes On Skillshare (Both Paid & Free)

How Much Does Skillshare Costs?

Skillshare costs less than a Pizza for a month, When I signed up for Skillshare the prices were around INR 149/month. I get access to 35000+ Classes on Skillshare and now I have upgraded to 1-year subscription at a discount for Just INR 799/-

Free Skillshare Trial?

Is there any trick to try Skillshare for free?

Yes, there is, Skillshare allows its teachers to share an invite link to invite their audience online and see their classes and others for free for 1 month and using my invite link you can get access to Skillshare for free for 1 full month. You can always cancel later. But I know you will not.

Click Here To Get 1 Month Free Subscription of Skillshare

Should You Purchase Skillshare? : My conclusion

It depends upon how serious you are about learning new skills. If you are someone who is just passing out of college then trust me this is the best investment you can do. Developing any skill requires patience and discipline and if you have both no one can stop you from mastering anything. Skillshare is just half the work the rest of the work is done by you.

Considering the high amount of fees charged by Photography Schools this is a better plan for those seeking a better education.

Go For It!

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