who am I

I am Nishkam and I teach Photography.

Photo Basics is where we bring inspiration and education to photographers.

Nishkam Started his photography journey at the Institute of Photography in New Delhi.

He was a student and became a teacher later just after passing out the photography Institute.

The goal was clear, to give back to the community everything he has learned. But teaching in school was not enough he cannot serve the artists who have the passion but not enough resources to attend the photography school.

So an idea came to his mind and Photo Basics was born.

The idea was simple, To teach and Inspire new photographers to never give up on their dreams and run a successful photography business. After few years of content creation and online consultation, we are here along with the community to serve you in a better way.

A website that will teach you, help you, and inspire you to keep going and keep growing.

Photo Basics Started with 0 followers and the family is now 48k strong on all the platforms collectively.

How you can do to be a part of this mission? Just share the content from this website that you think can help anyone out there. You can make a huge difference with this.

New to photography? Welcome to Photo Basics