Photography and its Types || PHOTO BASICS

is nowadays becoming a major part of our life we click end number of images with our phone or modern cameras and share it with the world by posting it on social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram. But what exactly the is and how many types does it have. In this article of photo basics, I am sharing my experience with you guys.

Photography means painting with light. Or in simple words, it is just the art of taking pictures through a camera. In technical terms, it is also known as the process of exposing a film or in modern terms, the sensor through the help of light which further converted into an image is known as Photography.

There are majorly three types of photography


These can be further explained as

Artistic photography:- Artistic photography is done by mostly the hobbyist and people who love to show a different world from their perspective.
Below given are some examples so that you have a clear idea of what exactly I am explaining here.

Hope you go to know about the artistic photography now let’s move to another type of photography i.e.


Documentary Photography:- In documentary photography the photographer tells a story about a particular subject whether it could be war or it could be a natural tragedy like earthquake or tsunami.
Documentary photography is considered as the toughest part of photography because it consists of lots of dangers. Photographer risks his/her life for taking the best possible shot. Documentary photography is done by really enthusiast people and who are really passionate about photography. Photojournalism is also a part of documentary photography.

Some examples of Famous Documentary photographers are:-

Steve Mccurry:- WEBSITE
Ansel Adams:- WEBSITE

Henri Cartier-Bresson:- WEBSITE

These are few but there are lots of them.

Then after this comes a famous type of photography

Commercial photography: Now this is the photography every photographer wants to do because this gives you wealth as compared to other two types that I mentioned above.this can be also explained as the type of photography in which you get paid for your work. Or you have clientage in this kind of photography.

This type of photography includes Product photography, Food Photography, Wedding Photography, Corporate shoots, Event photography and all those kinds.
Some of the examples are also shown below.

Fashion Photography

Wedding Photography
Product Photography
Food Photography Sports PhotographySo these are three basic kind of photography which includes each and every other kind of photography.Let us know in the comments below if there is something more you know about photography.

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