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Understanding camera modes are essential in photography to get the best exposing. It does not matter if you are a beginner or advanced professional photographer you should know about different camera modes that are available in your camera.


Definition of camera modes.

camera modes are an essential part of your camera which allows you to control your

Exposure consists of three important elements that are speed,  , ISO. There are different types of camera modes in your camera some are automatic some are semi-automatic and some are fully manual mode.


if we talked about the history there were no such modes and automatic or semi-automatic.

photographer use manual mode to take the perfect picture.  the photographer has to control the shutter speed aperture and ISO manually for every scene he wants to capture into the camera.

but if we talk about today’s modern world there are the different manufacturer of the camera which gives us different types of modes in this article I will be only talking about some standard modes that should be available on every type of camera.


Type of camera modes.

there are basically five important type of camera modes in most the digital cameras.

program mode  

Aperture priority mode

Shutter priority mode

Manual mode

Auto  mode


let’s get started with our first word that is program mode.


Program mode :-  program mode in photography is also known as the Semi Auto mode but it is not a fully automatic mode in program mode you have to decide the ISO value that is the light sensitivity of your Camera sensor other features are  decided by the camera itself

for example if I want to shoot a portrait of my friend and I don’t know anything about aperture or shutter speed I just have to switch my camera to program mode  and adjust the ISO as per the light situation.

the other two features aperture and shutter speed I decided by the camera itself.

main features of program mode:-

  1. you can decide white balance

2.it is easy to use

3.it is fast and in the go mode


Aperture priority mode:-  as the name defines itself aperture priority mode is used where you have to just decide the aperture of the camera the other two features are decided by the camera itself. Aperture priority mode helps you when you need to get the Blurry background or when you are in a low light condition.

if you need to shoot a portrait done aperture priority mode is best for you because all you have to worry about is an aperture and ISO the shutter speed is decided by the camera itself.

if you want to blur the background just decrease the lowest possible number on your aperture that your camera lens allows and decide the ISO according to the light then just press the shutter release button and Boom you got a perfect picture with a Blurry background.


shutter priority mode:-   in shutter priority mode the user or the photographer has to decide the shutter speed of the camera as other two features that is aperture and ISO decided by the camera itself shutter priority mode is mostly used in bird photography sport photography where you need extra fast shutter speed and all your priority is about shutter speed, not the other two features.


Manual mode:-  the most photographer user’s manual mode because it gives you a variety of option to change according to your needs.

your camera must be smart but it cannot reach your mind you as an artist have to decide what kind of image you want into your camera.

in manual mode, the photographer has to decide aperture shutter ISO white balance picture style and everything related to capture an image.

this mode comes up where the camera finds hard to decide what exposure is best for your image.


Auto mode:-  Most of the beginners uses when the first buy the new DSLR in auto mode the camera decide everything by itself and you just have to press the shutter release button to take an image. can be helpful in some scenarios in taking good images but it cannot be reliable in most of the condition in which the scene very bright erotica and you have to adjust the exposure according to your taste but your camera decide everything by itself and gives you a result that you don’t want so that is the time you have to switch from auto mode to the manual mode.


how to decide which mode to use

there are plenty of modes in your camera and you may be confused that which mode should I use first there is a simple phenomenon for this if you want to capture a perfectly exposed image then you should always use a manual mode that is my personal experience but if you all care about the final result and you think that you are result can be taken out from AV mode TV Mode  program mode then you go for any of the malls in a camera but never click an image in fully automatic mode.


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