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Shutter Speed is responsible for all those freezing actions and creamy water landscape shots.

You may be confused with the term shutter speed but shutter speed actually plays an important role in creating an image.

This article is all about shutter speed and I will explain you everything I know about the shutter speed.


What is Shutter Speed?

Let me start with an example consider a dark room with a single window and it as bright day outside. If I open the window for 1 sec the light enters the room for one sec and then there is dark all around.

Now the shutter speed is exactly like the window and darkroom is the camera sensor.

Let’s take it further and let me explain you shutter speed with the simple def on Photo Basics.

Which says that the shutter speed is the length or amount of time throughout which the film or the camera sensor is exposed.


How Is Shutter Speed Measured?


Shutter speed is measured in seconds and fraction of seconds. Shutter speed also freezes the motion and it is also responsible for blurry images.

Like Aperture Shutter Speed Also have mid stops and full stops.These are as follows


Full Stops:-

1/8000 1/4000 1/2000 1/1000 1/500 1/250 1/125 1/60 1/30 1/15 1/8  1/4  1/2  1 sec 2 sec

4 sec 8 sec 15 sec 30 sec…


Mid Stop:-


All others in between those numbers are mid stops.


What is Fast Shutter Speed What is Slow Shutter Speed?


A fast shutter speed is what freezes the motion and a slow shutter speed is what creates a blur effect in the photograph Photographer can use both types of shutter speed to create cool effects.

Personally, I feel anything above 1/250 is known as fast shutter speed and below 1/60 is a slow shutter speed.


Some Examples of a fast shutter and slow shutter speed are below.


What is long shutter speed?

Now that you are familiar with fast and slow shutter speeds there is one more shutter speed which is long shutter speed or long exposure value.

You may have seen the beautiful photographs of stars or star trails somewhere on the internet now how that effect is achieved is a whole new topic but the long shutter speed used in that kind of images are 15 sec or 8 sec.

Where to set shutter speed?

If you are a Canon user then dial in TV mode on top of your camera or if you are a Nikon user then dial S mode in your camera. Now if you move the gear wheel on your camera you can set the shutter speed of your camera and also can see the mid stops and full stops.


So that was all about shutter speed if you think you didn’t get any of the above then type your comment below I will try my best to guide you on your doubts.


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