Why 3POD?

Conquer the unachievable camera angles with the 3POD travel tripod.

A tripod is an essential piece of equipment for sharp photos and stable videos, where every moment counts.

  • The 3POD Travel Tripod comes with the Premium Quality ball head and Strong Grip phone holder for use on your smartphone, Cameras, or anything that has a 1/4″ Screw Mount. (up to 2.5 kg )
  • Its flexible legs are made of ABS Plastic For Super Grip the foot of this 3 Pod has rubber balls.
  • From your carry-on bag to your hiking pack, this 3POD goes anywhere you go.
  • Folds compactly when not in use, while an included ball head makes it easy to set up and adjust minor angles; Its phone holder lets you video calls on the go or you can record a vlog, reel, time-lapse, and click self-portraits even on the location where a tripod is not allowed.
  • Our 3POD tripod can go all from 13″ to ground level to give you a better dynamic angle for your photos/videos.
  • With its flexible legs with a strong grip, You can mount it to any surface like poles, trees, branches, handles, bicycles, windows, etc.


Shipment and Returns

Once the order is received we will ship the 3POD within 2 business days and it will get delivered to you within 7-10 business days depending upon your delivery address.

As a small business, we will always make sure to pass the product from the quality check before shipping it. However, if the product delivered to you is damaged you can exchange the product for a new one within 2 days of delivery.

If you change your mind after ordering you can cancel your order before it is shipped.

For any other concerns about the product delivery kindly write us here: [email protected]




Payment Options

We accept all types of Visa and Mastercards, UPI payments, Google Pay, Phone Pe, Paytm, Direct bank transfer, Credit, Debit cards, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can this hold a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera?

Ans: It can hold anything with a 1/4″ Screw up to 2.5kg weight that may include a microphone, flashlight, compact DSLR and mirrorless cameras, smartphones, etc.

Q: Are the ball head and phone mount included in the box?

Ans: Yes, Box Contains 1 Ball Head. 1 Phone Mount and 1 Tripod.

Q: Is this a 360-degree Tripod?

Ans: Yes with the ball head provided you can actually rotate it to 360 degrees.

Q: Can I mount any other phone holder to it?

Ans: If the phone holder has a 1/4″ Screw hole you can mount it.

Q: Is it recommended for outdoor vlogging?

Ans: The tripod is super compact and lightweight that your shoulder won’t hurt while holding the camera with it. You can vlog easily with this.

Q: Is it recommended for taking online classes?

Ans: Yes you can mount the phone on it and place it anywhere to take online meetings/classes or even watch videos.

Q: Why it has a ball head on it?

Ans: Tripod without ball head doesn’t give you the flexibility with the camera angles and sometimes you have to adjust minor camera angles in the post-processing. With a ball head and controlling nob, you can easily set up the tripod and adjust the camera angle accordingly.

Q: What can we mount on it?

Ans: Anything equal to or under 2.5kg which has a 1/4″ screw mount can be mounted on the 3Pod. For example, a microphone, flashlight, web camera, Smartphone, Dslr, Mirrorless Camera, led lights, audio recorders, etc.

Q: Is it good for travel vlogging?

Ans: Yes, It is recommended for travel vlogging. Since it is compact and light weight you can easily carry it and in some monuments where big stands are not allowed you can use this tripod and click super sharp photos and record stable videos with this. If you are traveling solo and no one is there to capture your photos this is when the 3Pod comes into action. Mount it anywhere or simply place it on the ground and get those amazing low-angle shots.

1 review for 3POD by PHOTOBASICS

  1. Nikhil Rathod (verified owner)

    Totally satisfied with this product..
    Specially i like that ball head of tripod ..
    Superior built quality .

    Thank you team 😊

    • Team Photo Basics

      Thank You So Much, Glad that you like the product <3

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