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PB Moody

A complete package of warm+moody split tones with that faded cinematic look. For amazing portraits and even rainy shots.

PB Fashion

This look is especially for all the outdoor portraits. It gives a bump to all the boring dull-looking images with even highlights and saturated tones.

PB Dark Jungle

If you ever needed the dark moody style tones for your images that you often see on Instagram. This is a perfect preset for you with all those dark shadows and pumped highlights.

PB Moody Landscape

Works Best for environmental moody portraits and landscape to give it an edgy look.

PB Teal & Orange

Filled with teal and orange look this preset turns your boring travel images to cinematic teal and orange style images with one click.

PB Day to Night

Convert any image from day to night or blue hour style look. It has cooler darker tones for a perfect night effect.

PB Rusty Winters

Ever wanted to create a look for your winter’s photos with all those bright and bluish tones. This is a perfect preset for such images.

PB Smooth Wash

Filled with warm low clarity tones best for portraits. This will make your image looks like old school.

PB Smooth Morning

Fill your underexposed undersaturated raw files with some warm bright punch light and make it something like morning light with this preset.

PB Special B/W

For all those images with low contrast, this adds a special B/W look that makes your subject pops out from the background. Works best with street, portraits, wedding photography.

PB Mountains

Brings out all the hidden colors of a landscape and adds an extra pop to the highlights. Works best with slightly underexposed images.

PB Summers

As the name suggests this preset gives your image a warm yet punchy effect from which your subject pops out in the image.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Will My Image Look Perfect in One Click ?

Ans: It is possible if your image is exposed perfectly that with one click it might look perfect. More often you will need to tweak your exposure since every image is slightly different. Keep in mind the goal of these presets is to give you a starting point with your editing.

Q What benefit do I get from these presets?

Ans: Presets are especially helpful if you are a beginner and are unsure of what to do with all the tools available to you in Lightroom. Even if you are a professional, though, presets can be a great time-saving tool that will take your photos to the next level!

Q Will these presets works with every photo?

Ans: Not every photo will look good with all presets. Some presets work really well with only minor tweaks needed. Where as other presets are designed for a specific tone, color or contrast, which means it may work for some, but not for others.

Q What else can I get out of these presets ?

Ans: These presets will a)Save Time Editing Photos. b)Great Learning Tool c) Simplify Your Photo Editing Workflow d) Create a Consistent Style or Brand e) Lightroom Presets are Completely Customizable f) Helps you achieve Complex Results

Q How to install the presets into Lightroom?

Ans: A help folder is given inside the pack otherwise.Open Lightroom and Click the plus (+) button that’s next to the presets folder in Lightroom. Next, find the folder named PBPresets either on your desktop or in your downloads folder and select all the presets. Once installed, completely close out of Lightroom and then reopen it and the presets should all be there. 

Q  Will these presets work on JPEGs?

Ans: Yes these presets are designed to work with both Jpeg’s and Raw files.

Q: Can I use these preset on Lightroom mobile ?

Ans: You must install the presets in the Lightroom desktop application (not Lightroom Classic) on your Windows or Mac computer first. Once they are installed, the presets will automatically sync to your mobile device via the cloud.

Q: Can I refund the presets after purchasing them If I don’t like them.

Ans: No these presets pack are nonrefundable. Play with the images above to see before and after and remember presets give your editing workflow a kickstart you need to tweak little changes to make your image perfect. 

Q: Where I can find the download file ?

Ans: As soon as you complete the payment process you will get a downloadable file.

Normal Price  $10.99

Sale Price ūüĎȬ†$2.99

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