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Nishkam Bhatia

Sony A7R V: The Best Sony Full Frame Camera?

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Sony has launched its top-line full-frame camera The Brand-New 5th Generation SonyA7RV. Let’s look at the price, specifications, and how you can get it.


Sony A7R V
Image Source: Sony

The price of Sony A7R V Body Only will be around $3899 and will be available by December 2022. The Sony A7R IV was around $3499 the 5th edition Sony Camera is just $400 more expensive than the junior A7R IV.  I know it is still expensive, but you get what you pay for.

So, What Did Sony Added something new to the Sony A7R V? Let’s Find Out.


Sony A7R V: The Best Sony Full Frame Camera?
Image Source: Sony

Sensor: Sony A7R V comes with 60MP BSI CMOS Full-Frame camera sensor the new

Bionz XR Processor makes this more powerful as it unleashes the capabilities of the camera sensor. As per the Sony, this processor can use the full camera sensor which results in better performance.

Auto Focus:

Bionz XR Processor is also capable of recognizing the subject, but the older version of Sony also had this feature where it can recognize the eyes and face of the subject both human and animal.

But with this they have trained the processor to specifically understand the human subject and shift the autofocus quickly even in the hardest conditions. But does it mean it will not track the non-human elements? Yes, it will but the game for human subject tracking is +1.

What can be recognised by AF of Sony A7R V?

Sony A7R V: The Best Sony Full Frame Camera?
Image Source : Sony

Humans of course, Animals, Birds, Cars, Planes, Trains, Spaceships, Boats, Cycles, Skateboards anything moving can be trackable. And this time surprisingly they have separate modes for Animals and Birds which you can also use as a combination.

You will be able to select your subject type from the main menu only and you can assign it to custom buttons as well.

Sony is giving Photographers the full control on how they want the AF to track their specific subject.

How well does the Stabilization is in Sony A7R V?

Sony A7R V: The Best Sony Full Frame Camera?
Image Source: Sony

Sony A7R V as per the industry test the stabilization is 8.0EV which means for those of you who

Shoot interiors or with narrow aperture can shoot handheld photos from up to 4 seconds of shutter speed and set a lower ISO for max details in the picture without getting blurry photos. This will also help while shooting videos.

There’s a rule that the minimum shutter speed you can go is reciprocal to the focal length you are using. If you are using 50mm you can use a min shutter speed of around 1/100. This rule is called the reciprocal rule.

But with the help of 8.0 Stabilization Photographers can go 8 stops below the minimum shutter speed.

What Else?

Exposure Bracketing can be done in many cameras but not many do Focus Bracketing. With this mode, you can select different focusing points at different distances and the camera will take a number of shots, as per the Sony You can take up to 299 shots.

This function can give you the ability to decide whether you want the camera to focus beyond the selected point or whether it selects the nearest and farthest point than the current focus point.

The Max sync speed of the Sony A7R V is 1/250 sec with this it can shoot up to 10fps JPEG. The buffer system can hold up to 583 Compressed Raw Files.

This camera will be loved by Photographers who love shooting with flash. It has been introduced with an anti-flicker mode which can sync the shutter to the brightest point of the image.

Video Recording of Sony A7R V

It has the most powerful camera Processor Bionz XR, it has the capability to capture 10-bit video you can do a lot in post-processing because it contains a lot of data with HLG footage.

A7R V is capable of shooting UHD 8k but with a crop of 1.24X which is acceptable to be honest. If you want to use the full sensor width then it can shoot up to 4k UHD at 30fps.

Sony A7R V Battery

Sony has not done something new with the battery, it’s just like the older buddy 16.4Wh battery that can capture up to 530 shots when fully charged. (CIPA standard test reports)

Who should buy Sony A7R V?

There’s a saying you get what you pay for. No doubt Sony A7R V is overall an improved version of its other brothers. There’s not specific criterion that who should buy this.  Every camera is unique and depends on what kind of work you are into. Based on the top features and the ones that you are facing issues with currently you can compare what can save your efforts and get you better results. If you are already using a Sony A7R IV there’s no need to upgrade but again it’s a personal preference.

It is not for beginners unless you are ready to invest $3899 just for the sake of another latest Sony camera.

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