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teaching how to add image to any text
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How to add Image to any Text || 1 Minute Photoshop Tutorial

How to add Image to any text

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Here is a 1 minute Photoshop tutorial on how to add image to any text.

Tips to remember :-
Use Bold fonts
Use Relevant image
Feel free to Experiment

play with different font sizes

Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Ctrl + N – New File
  2. Size = 1920*1080
  3. T = Text Tool
  4. Type anything (Use Bold Font)
  5. Go to Image
  6. Go to Edit – Copy
  7. Go to new document
  8. Edit- Paste
  9. Press Control T to Adjust
  10. Hold alt + Shift and drag towards center.
  11. Press Enter to exit transform tool
  12. Right click on image layer and Select
    Clipping Mask
  13. Adjust size for final adjustments
  14. Go to text layer , Right click, Blending options and click drop shadows and play with the different sliders until you are satisfied.

You are done…

Now practice with another text

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