Everything You Need To Know About Information Technology

Information Technology or IT in it's simplest term meaning storing, retrieving and sending information through computers or telecommunications.

What is Information Technology?

Some of the examples are Radio Equipment's, Smartphones, Computers, Software's like Word and Excel, Websites, Internet. Anything Related to sharing Information.

What are some examples of Information Technology?

Software Engineers, Web Developers, Computer Analyst, Data Scientist, Cyber Security, Tech Support, Network Programmer are some of the jobs related to IT.

What are some Jobs of Informational Technology?

The main work of an IT person is to ensure that the ecosystem on which the information is sharing is running smoothly without any glitches. From fixing common errors to securing the network from viruses is the work of an IT person.

What does an IT person Do?

The salary depends on the type of work you are doing, for example if you are building the ecosystem your salary is higher and if you are fixing the ecosystem your salary is lower. ususally with less than 3 years of experience the salary of IT person starts with around 2.5 lakhs and can go upto 12 lpa.

What is the Salary of an IT Person?

There are many option but if you are looking for a future proof options go for Artificial intelligence, Cyber Security, Cloud management, Data analyst, Software Enginneer Etc.

Which is the best IT course?

Take a course in your interested field study and create freelance projects, Build a portfolio where people can find you,leverage social media because it is the new resume now. IT job is for the one who deserves it, The harder you work the better job you get.

How to get a Job in IT?

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