Recession Proof  Job Skills You Need To Learn


Everything you can imagine online is build by some code and when the world is getting online there is more demand of Developers who can develop secure systems to do the work more efficiently.

Content Creators

Content creators is not directly related to the global economics so they are safe from the recession, Entertainment and Education is always required  during the tough times and Covid-19 has proved it that Content Creators Can Survive in the tough times.

Data Scientist

Every business run on Data, Data of products, people and their lives. A Data can make you a millionaire when used correctly. Data scientist are one who help companies take better decisions based on the data provided.


Human beings will never stop learning no matter what, There’s always a requirement of someone who can pass the knowledge to the next generation or to the one who needed it the most. Only few can do this great work.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is reaching finding a problem and providing the solution to the right people. We all do marketing in our daily life. For example convincing your friend to go for a trip is marketing, telling your friend which shoes are best is marketing.

Mental Health Specialist

During tough tough times like recession people need someone who can listen them solve their problems. With loosing jobs and stress of future the demand in mental health specialist will rise for sure.

Managing People/Leadership

Good leaders are always in demand job someone who can handle people understand them solve their problems and run the company smoothly.

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