7 Tips to Click Stunning Photos With Your Smartphone.


Smartphones Cameras are becoming superb day by day, the reason is rise simple Everyone wants to capture memories in the easiest way possible.  But do you know these 7 tips that can improve your photos without doing much?

Clean The Camera Lens: Use a simple cotton cloth on lens wipes to clean the camera lens to achieve highest quality possible.

Use Rule of Thirds: Before capturing the photo go to your camera settings>Grid and turn on a 3X3 grid option, Try to keep your subject on the intersection of the lines for better point of view and composition.

Hold The Camera With Both Hands: No one wants blurry photos, hold the camera properly with both the hands, press the shutter button and wait till the image is processed. Don't be in hurry.

Use AI Features: If you are new to photography most phones are coming with AI scene detection, Camera will detect the environent and decides how much light is required in the picture. Turn it on for more accurate colors.

Fill The Frame: If you are standing far away from the subject you might introduce some unwanted elements into your frame, Use your feets to get closer to the subject and fill the frame with what's important.

Watch the light: New to photography? Make sure the light source is always behind you while clicking photos, For more creative clicks you can move your subjects closer or farther from the light source.

Edit the Photo Later: Use free apps like Snapseed to edit your photos later, Sometimes your phone doesn't capture the true colors you can always boost them as per your liking in the post.

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