Nishkam Bhatia

Nishkam Bhatia

6 Best YouTube Cameras For Beginners 2022

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Even The Best YouTube Cameras has certain qualifications that can change as per the type of videos you are going to make. Considering the majority of Beginner YouTube creators who don’t know much about the cameras here are few things you need to consider before buying a new camera.

It should be compact, easy to use, comes with stabilization and can record up to 4k videos. For some the low light performance matters while for others only the stabilization matters. Keeping in mind all the aspects of a good YouTube Camera I have created a list…

Here Are 6 Best YouTube Cameras For Beginners

6) Go Pro Hero 10

6 Best YouTube Cameras For Beginners 2022

Go Pro Hero 10 Black is a Compact that camera can record up to 5.3k 60fps, Comes with the hyper smooth video stabilization it is waterproof up to 33ft best for action scenes and vlogging.Not so good in low light situation. The stabilization is amazing in this camera even if you are running or riding a bike with it or even jumping from the cliff the camera doesn’t disappoint you.

5) DJI Pocket 2

6 Best YouTube Cameras For Beginners 2022

DJI Pocket 2 can shoot up to 4k 60fps, It is super smooth and can fit in your pocket. Don’t need much accessories to operate it. Video quality is amazing and this one is good for walking videos, vlogging and home studio setups. I would suggest to always go for the Creators Combo Pack because than you will get another lens, a mic and a case to carry the camera. This is like a camera attached to a gimbal that record in small areas and you can get really creative with this one.

4) Sony ZV-1

6 Best YouTube Cameras For Beginners 2022

This is considered as the best Sony camera for You Tubers, It is a fixed lens camera that can shoot up to 4k/30p. The lens is Zeiss 24-70mm with f/2.8. Best part is you can flip the screen while recording yourself. It works best for both vlogging and indoor talking head videos. But you cannot expect stabilization from this camera.

3) Canon M50 MKII

6 Best YouTube Cameras For Beginners 2022

With In camera YouTube Live Streaming Feature this Can also record vertical 4k Videos for social media.24.1 Mp camera can capture beautiful photos and videos comes with a lens equivalent to 24-72mm. Super easy to operate and good in low light.

2) Sony Zv-E10

6 Best YouTube Cameras For Beginners 2022

This is a crop sensor camera with 24.2 mp sensor size and can capture upto 440 shots in a single battery charge.Can capture 4k videos which can be oversampled to upto 6k videos.The autofocus is amazing in this and considered best for product reviews and makeup videos.

1) Apple iPhone 14 Pro

6 Best YouTube Cameras For Beginners 2022

The camera of the iPhone 14 pro is much better than most of the entry level professional cameras and it can really compete with them. Easy to use can record 4k videos amazing colors and comes with stabilization. You can carry anywhere, Invest in it if you are thinking of buying a new YT camera.

Final Thoughts

When Starting Out YouTube you have to go through many things like how to find video titles, how to write script and how to record and edit the videos. When you are just a beginner you need a camera that can do the work for you straight out of the box. You can always figure it out how to use it more efficiently but it must be easy to record and can be easy to carry so you don’t have to lift a lot of weight even while vlogging.

You have to admit the fact that you are not a professional filmmaker or a Photographer, Do not go for the high end cameras that you can’t even know how to use. Start with these and move yourself up the ladder by learning the operations of these.

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