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Nishkam Bhatia

Nishkam Bhatia

5 Amazing books every photographer should read in 2021

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Books make you better. Books enhance your knowledge. They have the power to take you to the other world through your imagination. In this modern internet world, I am a big fan of reading physical books. The reason is simple: I get to learn so many new things. They change my perspective, my way of thinking, reacting, and talking about certain situations. In this article, I am sharing with you the books I have read on Photography that helped me become a better photographer and I believe they can help you too…

Here are 5 books that every photographer should read…

5. Understanding Exposure

This book is written by Bryan Peterson an International photographer, He is known for his amazing teaching skills. The examples he uses to teach are so easy to understand that makes him a brilliant teacher.

This book consists of the basic knowledge of photography. This book is for those who have just started photography and are interested in learning it from it’s core. This book has the capability of making you understand the fundamentals of photography, If you are looking for such a book Hands down this is the best book for beginner photographers out there,

4.The Photographer’s Eye

The photographer’s eye is for the photographers who are interested in photography, have learned the basics and know are confused what to create and how to create. Well if you are someone bored with watching photos on Instagram all those boring compositions? This book will get you out of it.

Michael Freeman can teach anyone how to compose any shot, He has the power to convert a boring picture into a storytelling image. Get this book if you are interested in converting an image from looking into a few finders,clicking it and later converting it into the final image through editing.

3.What They Didn’t Teach You in Photo School

As the name suggests you can read the book if you ever been to a photography school. I myself being a student from a photography school have missed so many things that this book taught me. For example how to do business? How to get a contract thing done? How you meet the client etc. Now this doesn’t mean that you cannot read this book if you haven’t been to a photo school.

This book is made for everyone who knows photography and wants to dive into the commercial photography world more by making money through photography. Go for this, you will not regret this one.

2.Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs

Now this book is my all-time favorite If you are just a camera nerd skip this, This is not for you. But for all those who look forward to learning the real skills used to create an image go for this book as you can learn so many good techniques from the examples of 50+ photographers including Henry Cartier -Bresson and Martin parr, etc.

This book taught me things like how to not just look but see, Getting closer to the subject for better photos,How to see light etc. I will recommend this to you if you are a street photographer or travel photographer. Must for you…

1.Picturing Time: The Greatest Photographs of Raghu Rai

Raghu Rai is a legendary Indian photographer. I personally love his work. This book contains the best photographs from over a time of 50 years he clicked. You will get to see how India used to be before and when you compare it with India today you see a great contrast. This Photobook has more than 200 photos that contain the story of the picture taken when and where they were taken.

Must buy if you are interested in a good photo book that displays the history of India.

Conclusion :

So these were some of my favorite books for photographers, I am sure there are many books out there and I believe that most of them are amazing but the reason I shared only a few of these is that these are close to my heart. I have read these and they truly helped me on my journey.

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