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What Is Shutter Speed?

Shutter Speed !

You may have heared of this many time,Like a slow shutter speed a fast shutter speed.

But do you know what it actually is ?

Shutter speed refers to the amount of  time for which the camera sensor is exposed to light coming through the lens.

Digital Single Lens Reflex(DSLR) Camera’s has a mechanism in which there are two curtains in front of the camera sensor.The one is the miror through which the light reflects and enters into your eyes passing through the view finder while the other one is th shutter itself.When you press the shutter release button the mirror which is at 45 degree slant on the shutter goes up along with the curtain no2 that is the shutter itself allowing the light to hit the camera sensor.For how much time the shutter will be open up is called the shutter speed or the exposure time.

Shutter speed’s are measured in seconds or fraction of seconds.

The faster shutter speed is measured in fraction of seconds while the slower one are measured in seconds followed by quotes(“).

Some of the stops are as follows:-

1/125   1/60    1/30   1/15   1/8    1/4    1/2   1    2    4.

These no’s are full stops which means when you are goin from 1/125-1/60 you are letting one stop more light to enter to your camera and same for the other numbers,You can try to capture images on different shutter speed to see the difference.

Where fast/slow shutter speed is used?

So you may have tried to capture fast moving object but come across a blurry photograph in front of you what you are lacking their is shutter speed,Your shutter speed is not fast enough to compensate the motion of that object.

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